Search knowledgebase topic contents joyce's story credits joyce's story: feeling better with a pacemaker joyce's story joyce's first symptom of heart failure hit hard-and suddenly. "i woke up one morning and couldn't breathe," she says. "i was real shaky, and i couldn't lie down at all. " joyce, 83, went to the hospital and was diagnosed with heart failure. Then 3 days later, a pacemaker was placed in her chest. Her doctor explained that she had an irregular heartbeat and that a pacemaker could fix it. "my wiring was worn out, and they were going to rewire me," joyce says, recalling how her doctor explained the procedure. buy viagra canada Joyce had local anesthesia to numb the area under her collarbone and some medicine to make her feel relaxed. She didn't have much pain during recovery. viagra blue vision dangerous "no problem," she says. prix du viagra 10 mg bayer "i might have taken an (ibuprofen) one day. " joyce noticed soon after the surgery that she had more energy. "oh, my word, yes. It made all the difference in the world," joyce says. "i could work in my yard and walk my dog. no prescription generic viagra I think i gradually had not been so strong and hadn't been aware of it until after i got the pacemaker. viagra pills When you feel better, you realize how bad you felt before. where can i find really cheap viagra " before she got the pacemaker, joyce could walk for about 10 minutes. After she got the pacemaker, she could walk for 30 to 40 minutes. Things to think about with a pacemaker there are a few things joyce has to watch out for with her pacemaker. When she goes through airport security, she has a hand search, rather than walk through a metal detector or be checked with a wand. buy viagra cheap The electricity in those devices could affect her pacemaker. She carries a card from her doctor to show that she has a pacemaker and can't go through the usual search. Any doctors joyce sees need to know about the pacemaker. viagra canada They may need to make sure that any electrical devices they use won't change how her pacemaker works. And sometimes, the device-which lies just under the skin in her upper chest-can catch on her bra strap when she turns a certain way. viagra blue vision dangerous But those are minor concerns compared to how the pacemaker helps her, joyce says. viagra sales online usa "the pacemaker works so well. cheap generic viagra I haven't had any heart problems. order viagra " joyce's story reflects her. viagra blue vision dangerous Bine ai venit!
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